Looking Forward to the American Market: Decelerated Growth, the Stock Market may be the Bull Market (I)

Looking back on 2018, the US economy is very eye-catching, and the stock market has also set a record for the longest bull market in history. However, since the second half of the year, the market has been overcast, and investors have been closely watching the potential recession in the US and the potential for the bull market to come to an end. Looking into the 2019, Wall Street’s major investment banks generally expect the US economic growth rate to slow down,square steel tubing inflation pressures gradually appear, and the Fed rate hike is expected to bring more pressure on the financial market.

The key question of the US economy: Is the slowdown inevitable?

Looking forward to 2019, Wall Street’s major investment banks agreed that the US economy will slow down significantly by then, and this year’s level of nearly 3% will fall sharply. By 2020, the US economy will further weaken. JPMorgan believes that with the gradual decline of fiscal and monetary stimulus effects and the negative drag of trade policies, the US economic growth will slow down significantly next year. Goldman Sachs expects that by the end of 2019, the US core PCE price index will gradually rise to a level of about 2.25%, which means that the US economy must slow down from the current 3.5% growth rate as early as possible to the expected trend growth rate of 1.75%. In order to “cool down” the growth momentum of the United States, the market is likely to see a sharp tightening of the financial environment. tin plate suppliers Most institutions are not expecting a recession. Morgan Stanley believes that although the economic growth rate has slowed down in 2019, the Fed stopped to raise interest rates to cope with downside risks, and the probability of recession is only 15%.

Despite this, Societe Generale and Credit Suisse still hold high the banner of “recession in sight”. Societe General even bluntly said, “The recession will still come, but it has only been postponed for two quarters.” Credit Suisse believes that a salary increase of 3.5% will be a very dangerous sign of recession. Specifically, if the salary growth rate soars between 3.5% and 3.7%, the US economic growth rate will slow down to below the trend level after one year. In addition, Credit Suisse also expects the US bond yield curve to be upside down in mid-2019, which also indicates that the US economy will slip into recession by mid-2020.

Since the current round of monetary policy tightening cycle in December 2015, Steel Pipe Suppliers the Fed has now raised interest rates eight times, and the federal funds target interest rate range has been revised to 2%-2.25%. At present, the Fed’s interest rate hike in December has been considered by the market to be a nail. In the coming year, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase will agree that the Fed will raise interest rates four times before the end of the year and raise interest rates to 3.25% to 3.5%. Goldman Sachs also pointed out that as the employment situation is still super good, the Fed is likely to maintain the rate hike before the unemployment rate rebounds, and is expected to continue until 2020.

Increase Technology Opening to the Outside World and Integrate Innovation Resources on a Global Scale (III)

General Secretary Xi Jinping particularly emphasized at the academic conferences of the two academies on May 28, 2018, “We must adhere to a global vision to plan and promote technological innovation, actively integrate into the global science and technology innovation network, improve the level of opening up of national science and technology programs, and actively participate in Leading international science programs and projects, encouraging Chinese scientists to initiate and organize international science and technology cooperation programs.”

Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of open-door technologies,steel coil manufacturers China will open its doors to global scientists and technology-based enterprises with an open mind, and build a platform for global scientific and technological cooperation, pool resources and share results. This fully reflects China’s confidence of future technological development. It is true that China is still only a big country in science and technology, not a technological power, but it should not be arrogant. As an important part in the global technological innovation landscape, China has the responsibility to make positive contributions to the development of global science and technology.

Accurate cooperation to improve openness efficiency

In addition to becoming more active, science and technology must focus on improving its effectiveness. To a certain extent, in the past 40 years, the opening up of Chinese science and technology is a lack of planning, and there is a phenomenon of ”sprinkling sesame”. When you encounter any kind of cooperation opportunities, you will carry out relevant cooperation. There are too many opportunities and you don’t have to carefully select, the ”flowers” grows in everywhere but there is no ”flowers” you want.

Facing the future, China should actively carry out precise cooperation, spread the world’s advanced science and technology to the regions that are suitable and needed, and strive to improve the effectiveness of opening up and effectively meet the development needs of different regions. On July 13, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping said at the second meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee: “We must adhere to open cooperation and innovation, expand the opening up of science and technology, open up the use of international innovation resources, open up diversified cooperation channels, and accurately select cooperation areas. Strengthen foreign scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between universities and research institutes and strengthen innovation partnerships.”

From this perspective, China will actively implement the idea of “science is not concerned with borders”. On the one hand, it will “go out” through technology-based enterprises, and promote the diffusion of applicable technologies to the required regions. On the other hand, it will be necessary for China’s economic and social development. Science and technology, integrating innovation resources on a global scale, allowing science and technology to reach the place where it can exert its maximum effectiveness, promoting the two-way healthy and orderly flow of science and technology, pursuing the common well-being of mankind, and contributing to the building of a community of human destiny.

How Can We Choose the Food During The Weight Reduction?

Nowadays, many people want to lose weight, and losing weight is also a problem that people often discuss. But for many people to lose weight, they know that they should eat less and exercise more, especially when eating. What are the strongest feelings of eating and cannot make us get fat?

How should the staple food be eaten?

You should choose the kind of food that is with strong satiety, as long as eat very little, there will be a sense of fullness, for the kind of white rice, whole grains and potato food, the fiber in these foods is very high, and the energy content is very low, and more importantly, the satiety is particularly strong. In the choice of staple food, to reduce the choice of white rice and white steamed bread, it is preferred to choose some miscellaneous rice,Steel Pipe Suppliers steamed corn such as miscellaneous grains and steamed bread, purple potato, yam and oatmeal are all good choices.

Vegetable selection should be reliable:

People need to replenish energy during weight loss, and the energy content of vegetables is lower than that of fruits, fish and poultry. For people who lose weight, it is necessary to increase the intake of vegetables. It is recommended to use 450 to 600 grams per day, it is best to eat 200 grams per meal. You can choose the dark vegetables, such as melons or fungi, including rapeseed, purple cabbage, spinach, sage, cucumber, zucchini, fungus, eggplant and shiitake mushrooms. These foods are a good choice.

How to choose protein food?

In the process of weight loss, protein must also be ingested, but to choose low-fat foods, high-protein and low-fat foods such as lean, tofu, yogurt, pure milk, fish and shrimp eggs. The choice of meat gives priority to fish and shrimp, while the meat fatty acid content of livestock is higher. It is not recommended to eat a lot. If you are very willing to eat, you should choose beef. For example, poultry meat should be removed from the skin because the fat content of the skin is relatively high. And some of them can be used as staple foods. For example, potatoes, lotus root yam, etc. can replace white rice and pasta instead of staple food.

The details to be noted in the diet:

Also pay attention to some forms when eating, and there should be porridge or paste in the diet, because these can increase satiety more than solid food.

Don’t pursue fast during the weight loss process:

In fact, weight loss is not required to be too fast, generally a month to lose 4 to 8 pounds of fat tissue, because we pay attention to the loss of fat rather than weight, because some of the rapid weight loss is the loss of water, the next will also rebound, we have to exercise more in our daily life, we have to do an hour of aerobic exercise every day. In a word, weight loss must be combined with diet and exercise so that weight loss can be successful.

Really Awesome Name For CEO Of APPLE(I)

Trump called Cook as ‘apple’: Is that overtones in conversation? Why is Trump called Cook Apple? Let us read the news for more information.

Brief of information

The importance of technology in education was discussed at a White House meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, square steel tubing which Trump called the head of the iPhone maker Tim Apple, according to US media reports Wednesday (6th March).


Trump and Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, have had some tense moments in the past, but none of them are as tense as they are now. It is not the first time Trump has nicknamed someone else. He used to have ‘Jeff Bozo’, but now he has ‘Tim Apple’.


Some Advantages About Fetal Training(II)

Advantages of Fetal training

Babies with prenatal education are sensitive to music and have musical talent. Babies who have been taught to conceive are very happy to hear music and twist their bodies with rhythm and rhythm.


Babies who have received prenatal education learn to pronounce early. Infants who have received prenatal education will produce several vowels at 2 months, consonants at 4 months, and sounds at 5 to 6 months can express certain meanings.Steel Pipe Suppliers


Babies who have received prenatal education have good psychological and behavioral health. These babies are generally emotionally stable, always happy, very lively and lovely, rarely crying at night. Mothers and fathers will feel that the baby is good to take, and with the baby laughing all day long, the family will find infinite fun.

Babies who have received prenatal education develop fine motor skills of both hands well. The grasp, take, clap, beat, shake, fight, pinch, button, wear, set of hands and other abilities are better.


Babies who have received prenatal education develop well in sports ability. They looked up (rise), turned over, sat down, climbed, stood and walked early, and were agile and coordinated.


Babies who have been pregnant do not cry. Babies who have received prenatal education cry when they are hungry, wet and ill, but stop when they are satisfied. In addition, babies who have received prenatal education have strong sensitivity, so they stop crying when they hear their mother’s footsteps and voices.


Finally, babies who have received prenatal education are apt to develop normal life patterns, such as playing prenatal education music or mothers humming hypnotics before going to bed, so that babies can fall asleep quickly. After full moon, they basically form the habit of waking up during the day and sleeping at night. Because the vibration of vocal cords will spread all over the body when singing, and through the uterus and amniotic fluid, the fetus will be affected. The vibration of sound wave is like a gentle massage to the fetus.

Ranking of Scientific and Technological Products(III)

New DIY Home Security System

In recent years, the attention of smart devices in home security system has also remained high. Honeywell, a multinational company that mainly produces consumer electronics, engineering services and aerospace systems in the United States, said its new smart home security system would be launched at the CES.

Mirage Solo, VR products from Lenovo

Virtual reality (VR) has become a very important field in CES. At this year’s CES exhibition, Mirage Solo, Lenovo’s brand new VR product, officially met with you.tin plate suppliers

As the world’s first Daydream VR, Mirage Solo is Lenovo’s first independent head-mounted virtual reality device equipped with WorldSense™ technology after a deep collaboration with Google’s Daydream platform.