2019 Marketers’ Yearbook

Recently, AI-driven global mobile advertising and corporate marketing platform InMobi released the 2019 “Marketers’ Yearbook”. Focusing on the future, the report includes industry leaders from leading companies and organizations such as eMarketer, Grab, Pingsight Media, and comScore, as well as a number of trending insights and insights from InMobi executives, with a forward-looking vision of 2019 advertising technology and marketing. New trends in globalization brought about by the integration of technology solutions and recommendations for capturing these trends. square steel tubing According to the report, the past few years are the peak period of global technology outbreaks. Watching TV with smartphones, communicating with cars, and 5G folding screen phones, which were unimaginable not long ago, have appeared in a short period of time. In front of people. For marketers, these new inventions are changing the marketing base step by step, and bring a whole new set of innovation mechanisms and a series of challenges.

Customer experience is basic, even is the future

As the change of the power structure in the market, consumers have stronger control force for personal consumption, consumer experience gradually becomes a new differentiation factor. But the more interesting thing is, although 80% of companies have claimed they provided a prominent customer experience, but the customers who agree with them are only account for 8%. However, this report’s data was generated by Gartner, it shows that 89% of companies said that they mainly compete in the market based on customer experience, which also shows that companies gradually realize the importance of providing customers with quality experience to increase revenue and promote growth. So how to improve the customer experience? The report points out that meeting the individual needs of customers based on a 360-degree view of the customer is a necessary condition for improving the customer experience.tin plate suppliers

The future has come already

Technology leads marketing into the new world

The past few years was the peak period of technology explosion, and artificial intelligence, 5G, voice control technology, OTT, VR/AR, etc. have become the focus of discussion. For marketers, the emergence of these technologies means new innovations and new challenges. When it comes to OTT, the report cites comScore vice president Kedar Gavane: “As more and more viewers switch from traditional TV to OTT, OTTs that support advertising will become a strong contender for TV advertising revenue.” The wide application of OTT will make the marketing mix more diverse.

However, 5G and voice control technology will lay the foundation for the Internet car, the product technology of the new era of the Internet of Things and the more diversified “brand-consumer” relationship. Their emergence will bring unlimited possibilities for marketing,Steel Pipe Suppliers allowing brands to reshape their relationships with consumers. Regarding AR/VR and artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have been repeatedly mentioned and started to apply in the past few years. However, even with infinite possibilities, marketers generally prefer to keep the focus on this area with minimal investment until these technology applications become mainstream.