chrome steel as a predominant material

A dozen of the galvanizing strains account for 88% (36,855 million sq. ft.) of the whole utilization of RoHS compliant passivation on zinc coated strip metal by the galvanizing lines surveyed. The new rolled sheet has comparatively low energy,Galvanized Steel Tube  the floor quality is almost poor (having low oxidation and smoothness), however the elasticity is sweet, typically medium and thick plate. Hexavalent chrome is estimated to account for 70% (one zero one,412 million sq. feet) of the chrome passivation requirements of the galvanizing traces surveyed.

When the tensile strength of metal strip greater than 635MPa, elongation lower than 10%,mild steel square tube  the strip in the welding process is vulnerable to crack. One other example of chrome steel as a predominant material for out of doors finish structure is the well-known arch that stands on the river. When the width of the strip is less than the allowable deviation, the squeezing drive decreases when the steel pipe is welded, in order that the welding of the steel pipe weld.