Amazon Marketing Strategies For Improve Its Market Position(II)

A single Amazon commodity, Echo smart audio with Alexa voice assistant, could bring Amazon an estimated $10 billion dollars in revenue by 2020. People can use Alexa to place orders and developers can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support applications on Alexa.

Flash stores can increase Amazon’s awareness of new products, guide customers, increase product sales, and support free product refund channels (a less number of customers will be dissatisfied with the products).square steel tubing for sale

5 Kinds of email to increase sales one step closer

Amazon’s five types of e-mail are used to optimize the conversion of consumer’s power after shopping and promote more sales. Make sure you add your own unique content to each e-mail to match your brand (Amazon sends e-mails when you first buy, confirm orders, order distribution, comment on purchased products and sales activities).

Congratulations on your first purchase of e-mail. The purpose is to build your trust, remove some of the doubts that will arise after you purchase, and start contacting you. Let you know what you can do next, such as telling you the discount to encourage users to buy again.

The order confirmation email is designed to bring users back to Amazon’s website again by “View or Manage Order” CTA on the confirmation email.

Order delivery email, confirm that the email contains the main information of the product in transit, the delivery address and the total number of shipments. Then, with CTA “tracking packages”, the customers are brought back to a tracking-page to promote other products.

Evaluate the purchase of merchandise email, get comments, and return shoppers to Amazon’s website. If the customer clicks on a star in the email, the customer will be taken to the product page and asked to write a text comment.

Email for sales activities, do time-limited activities with clear deadlines, send “sales announcement” e-mail on the first day, and send a “last chance” e-mail several hours before the deadline.

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