Demand Analysis of Products Influence Your Marketing Decision(III)

Overfull Demand (excessive demand)

It means that the demand of customers for certain products in the market exceeds the supply capacity of enterprises, and the supply of products exceeds the demand. Examples are as follows.

Due to overpopulation or shortage of materials, transportation, energy and housing products are in short supply. The task of enterprise marketing management is to slow down marketing. It can reduce demand by raising prices, reducing promotions and services. Enterprises should choose target customers with less profit and less service requirements as the target of slowing down marketing. The purpose of slowing down marketing is not to destroy demand, but to delay demand level.square steel tubing for sale

Unwholesome Demand

This refers to products or services harmful to consumers’ physical and mental health, such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, yellow books and periodicals, etc.

The task of enterprise marketing management is to raise the price, spread terror and reduce the opportunity to buy or prohibit sales through legislation, which is called anti-marketing. The aim of anti-marketing is to take relative measures to eliminate some harmful demands.

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