How Can We Choose the Food During The Weight Reduction?

Nowadays, many people want to lose weight, and losing weight is also a problem that people often discuss. But for many people to lose weight, they know that they should eat less and exercise more, especially when eating. What are the strongest feelings of eating and cannot make us get fat?

How should the staple food be eaten?

You should choose the kind of food that is with strong satiety, as long as eat very little, there will be a sense of fullness, for the kind of white rice, whole grains and potato food, the fiber in these foods is very high, and the energy content is very low, and more importantly, the satiety is particularly strong. In the choice of staple food, to reduce the choice of white rice and white steamed bread, it is preferred to choose some miscellaneous rice,Steel Pipe Suppliers steamed corn such as miscellaneous grains and steamed bread, purple potato, yam and oatmeal are all good choices.

Vegetable selection should be reliable:

People need to replenish energy during weight loss, and the energy content of vegetables is lower than that of fruits, fish and poultry. For people who lose weight, it is necessary to increase the intake of vegetables. It is recommended to use 450 to 600 grams per day, it is best to eat 200 grams per meal. You can choose the dark vegetables, such as melons or fungi, including rapeseed, purple cabbage, spinach, sage, cucumber, zucchini, fungus, eggplant and shiitake mushrooms. These foods are a good choice.

How to choose protein food?

In the process of weight loss, protein must also be ingested, but to choose low-fat foods, high-protein and low-fat foods such as lean, tofu, yogurt, pure milk, fish and shrimp eggs. The choice of meat gives priority to fish and shrimp, while the meat fatty acid content of livestock is higher. It is not recommended to eat a lot. If you are very willing to eat, you should choose beef. For example, poultry meat should be removed from the skin because the fat content of the skin is relatively high. And some of them can be used as staple foods. For example, potatoes, lotus root yam, etc. can replace white rice and pasta instead of staple food.

The details to be noted in the diet:

Also pay attention to some forms when eating, and there should be porridge or paste in the diet, because these can increase satiety more than solid food.

Don’t pursue fast during the weight loss process:

In fact, weight loss is not required to be too fast, generally a month to lose 4 to 8 pounds of fat tissue, because we pay attention to the loss of fat rather than weight, because some of the rapid weight loss is the loss of water, the next will also rebound, we have to exercise more in our daily life, we have to do an hour of aerobic exercise every day. In a word, weight loss must be combined with diet and exercise so that weight loss can be successful.

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