Increase Technology Opening to the Outside World and Integrate Innovation Resources on a Global Scale (III)

General Secretary Xi Jinping particularly emphasized at the academic conferences of the two academies on May 28, 2018, “We must adhere to a global vision to plan and promote technological innovation, actively integrate into the global science and technology innovation network, improve the level of opening up of national science and technology programs, and actively participate in Leading international science programs and projects, encouraging Chinese scientists to initiate and organize international science and technology cooperation programs.”

Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of open-door technologies,steel coil manufacturers China will open its doors to global scientists and technology-based enterprises with an open mind, and build a platform for global scientific and technological cooperation, pool resources and share results. This fully reflects China’s confidence of future technological development. It is true that China is still only a big country in science and technology, not a technological power, but it should not be arrogant. As an important part in the global technological innovation landscape, China has the responsibility to make positive contributions to the development of global science and technology.

Accurate cooperation to improve openness efficiency

In addition to becoming more active, science and technology must focus on improving its effectiveness. To a certain extent, in the past 40 years, the opening up of Chinese science and technology is a lack of planning, and there is a phenomenon of ”sprinkling sesame”. When you encounter any kind of cooperation opportunities, you will carry out relevant cooperation. There are too many opportunities and you don’t have to carefully select, the ”flowers” grows in everywhere but there is no ”flowers” you want.

Facing the future, China should actively carry out precise cooperation, spread the world’s advanced science and technology to the regions that are suitable and needed, and strive to improve the effectiveness of opening up and effectively meet the development needs of different regions. On July 13, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping said at the second meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee: “We must adhere to open cooperation and innovation, expand the opening up of science and technology, open up the use of international innovation resources, open up diversified cooperation channels, and accurately select cooperation areas. Strengthen foreign scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between universities and research institutes and strengthen innovation partnerships.”

From this perspective, China will actively implement the idea of “science is not concerned with borders”. On the one hand, it will “go out” through technology-based enterprises, and promote the diffusion of applicable technologies to the required regions. On the other hand, it will be necessary for China’s economic and social development. Science and technology, integrating innovation resources on a global scale, allowing science and technology to reach the place where it can exert its maximum effectiveness, promoting the two-way healthy and orderly flow of science and technology, pursuing the common well-being of mankind, and contributing to the building of a community of human destiny.

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