Taoism in China(II)

Cultural Content

Taoist Theology

Among the various contents of Taoist culture, one core is Taoist immortal belief. As a mature religion, Taoism has its own theological theory and a religious belief goal that can attract people to pursue. This belief is that the people can become immortal and functional immortals through hard pursuit. This belief in immortals is the core of Taoism’s theological theory.

Taoist Ethics

Taoism’s ethical and moral thoughts are reflected in Taoism’s rules and precepts. Taoism’s ethical and moral concepts not only contain Taoism’s ethical and moral concepts, but also absorb ethical and moral concepts of Confucianism and Buddhism, so its content is more and more complex.square steel tubing for sale

Taoist philosophy

In the past, Taoism was considered to be a low-level popular folk religion, but there were only some near – witchcraft (magic words and water for curing diseases), the group of Vegetarian Society or ritual, but not philosophical speculation. But now the most scholars believe that Taoism has its philosophical content. Taoist philosophy serves its doctrine and is the ideological and theoretical basis of its doctrine. In other words, the philosophical demonstration of Taoist doctrine is Taoist philosophy.

Taoist Medicine

Since the beginning of Taoism, Taoism has used medicine as its tool to spread and save the world. Moreover, with the establishment of the theoretical system of immortal Taoism in Wei and Jin Dynasties, Taoists regard medicine as a necessary supplementary means and knowledge for their pursuit and attainment of longevity.

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