The First Anniversary of Hawking’s Death: He Answered These Problems During His Lifetime (III)

In the remaining field, religion can have the floor in the origin of the universe, but even here, science is making progress, and the exact answer to how the universe begins can be provided very quickly. I published a book asking if God created the universe and caused some sensation. People are unhappy about the fact that scientists are making irresponsible remarks on religious issues. I don’t want to tell anyone what to believe, but for me, asking God if it exists is an effective scientific question. square steel tubing After all, it’s hard to imagine a mystery that is more important or basic than what or who created and controlled the universe.

According to the laws of science, I believe that the universe is born spontaneously from non-created. Regardless of the complexity and diversity of the universe, creating a universe requires only three components. Imagine that we can list them in some kind of cosmic recipe. So what are the three ingredients need to exist the universe? The first is material–something of quality. The matter is around us, in the ground below the feet and outside the space. Dust, rock, ice and liquid. Huge gas clouds, huge spirals of stars, each containing billions of suns, extend outward to incredible distances. tin plate suppliers The second you need is energy, even if you never thought of it, you must know something about it, because we can feel it everyday. You can feel it on your face when you look up the sky, it is generated by a fixed star which 93 million miles from us.

The answer comes from one’s insight. This person may be the most outstanding scientist ever. His name is Albert Einstein. Unfortunately, I have never seen him because I was only 13 when he died. Einstein is aware of something extraordinary: the two main components needed to make the universe, quality and energy, are basically one thing, and if you want, you can say that both are the two sides of the same coin.Steel Pipe Suppliers His famous equation E=mc simply means that mass can be considered an energy and vice versa. So we can now say that the universe has no three components, it has only two components: energy and space. So, where did all of this energy and space come from? After decades of research, scientists have found the answer: space and energy are spontaneously generated in what we now call the Big Bang.

At the moment of the big bang, the entire universe appeared, accompanied by space. All swells like a balloon is blown up. So where does all this energy and space come from? This whole universe full of energy, how can this extremely vast space and its inclusive things be born out of nothing? For some people, this is where God re-enters the role, they think the God create us. The big bang is the moment of creation. But science is another story.

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