The First President of United States of America(I)

The first president in United States is George Washington. Not only American people know him, but almost all people around the world also know him as well. Yes, He is the first president of United States of America. As foreigners out of United States, perhaps they only know his name rather than his history and life. By this time let us know about George Washington more. At the first, through brief to know his experience, then elaborating life of figure about him is next step.


George Washington was born on 22nd February, 1732 and death on 14th December 1799. American outstanding bourgeois politician, militarist, revolutionary, founder of the United States, father of the country, the first president of United States of America. From 1775 to 1783, he was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and presided over the Constitutional Assembly in 1787. The United States Constitution was enacted by Constitutional Convention. In 1789, with the unanimous support of the electoral college, he became the first president of the United States (and he has become the world’s first head of state with “President” as its title). In two successive elections, he won the unanimous support of the electoral college and served as president until 1797.galvanized steel tubing

During his two term, he established many policies and traditions that continue to this day. After the two term of office, he voluntarily gave up power and stopped seeking renewal. The scholars ranked Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt as the greatest presidents in American history.

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