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The advantages of electric drive

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Electric drive has the advantage of easier power supply, but high peak currents happen since the necessary vitality to be stored within the flywheel have to be applied throughout the brief interval of the stroke by which the flywheel is to be accelerated to the required rotational velocity.

The alternating-current servo numerical-control electric screw press is compact in structure and excessive in speedy response means and overload ability friction screw press machine, has fewer components and a short transmission chain, realizes flexibility and intelligentization of forming gear, improves production effectivity, is excessive in quality of merchandise and mechanical strength, saves energy, is excellent in load carrying capability, simple in manufacture, convenient in restore, low in manufacturing price, simple in operation, low in lack of the components, stable in operating, excessive in unbalance loading resistance and forming precision, long in service life and wide in application range, is protected and dependable, realizes low pace and excessive torsion, does not impact a power grid, and can be extensively utilized to forging and pressing forming trade.

With the intention to obtain the above object, AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the current invention includes frame; The vertical AC servo numerical control electrical machine that is installed on the housiung separator; Flywheel by AC servo numerical management electrical machine drives is put in in the screw rod on the flywheel, by the slide block of screw rod by way of the screw pair driving; Be put in within the compensating cylinder that’s used to advertise the slide block backhaul on the body, be installed within the brake that the housiung separator top is used to brake flywheel.

The semi-closed die warm forging system by CREATECH Co., Ltd., the substantial firm on this area, and both software and hardware for screw press are supplied. The thing of the invention is to reduce the structural value of those screw presses concurrently rising operational reliability.

In many cases, hydraulic presses used for open and a few closed die forging presses use microprocessors or computer systems to regulate the press operation, for parameters reminiscent of ram speeds and positions. The dies must be designed to come back nose to nose in order that the forging tolerances are constructed into the tooling and should not a function of the shut height as is the case with a mechanical crankshaft press.

Each oil pump 27 is connected by means of two parallel ducts 29 to a control block 30 which accommodates the management means and which in flip is related again by means of two parallel ducts 31 to the related higher and decrease axial piston motors 26. The numeral 32 designates a tank or tanks for the storage, cooling and filtering of oil, from which the oil is eliminated for replenishing the circuits and by which oil draining out of the circuits is collected.

1) be fastened a brick output cylinder 20 utilizing when processing refractory brick beneath body 1 base switched reluctance machines 7, excessive-stress oil pump 13, touch within the circuit with PLC cyclelog sixteen electrical management programs that numerical management display display 15, brake cylinder 17, button 18, cooling blower 19, brick output cylinder 20 be related, even be supplied with air switch QF, fastp-performing fuse FU, control transformer T, A.C. contactor KM and relay Ok A.

AC servo numerical management electrical fly press of the present invention, no backside lifeless centre needn’t be adjusted mould top; Forge that precision is high, power is large, can vexed automotive underneath the load, can realize closed die forging; Can realize the repeatedly strike underneath the totally different-power to same forging; The contact mould time is short, and die life is long, and hitting power is stable.