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The backplates are uploaded by the brand’s head office design team. During this process, they have the option to customise and optimise elements like lighting, reflections, and HDR dome positioning. Once uploaded, this backplate is available for use by all users in other SpotLight apps like Bespoke GALLERY or Shutter, enabling the brand to control the environments used in all marketing material. In our experiments, the foveal activation would therefore strongly depend on the size of the two spotlights. The results show that dividing attention leads to multiple spotlights of attention for central as well as more peripheral locations of the visual field. Also, she could not see the audience because of the spotlights on her. Emphasis on representation also spotlights the insufficiency of our reading practices to date. With a further increase of width, overlapping spotlights of attention might result in a peak activity in intermediate regions. Commercial and political spotlights are shining brightly on xenotransplantation, at least temporarily relegating safer policy options to the shadows. Such a broad profile of two adjacent spotlights of attention would create substantial overlap, resulting in an attentional modulation in the intermediate regions.

This handheld spotlight for boat looks appealing and can be perceived as one of the smallest and less costly options for you to think over. This is a piece of cake to retrieve in case it accidentally drops in the water since it comes with bright red color that makes it easy to catch sight of. It floats to the water surface and is certified water-resistant by up to 3 feet. All in all, this boat spotlight is a good catch for the money. It is capable of illuminating beyond 1110 feet in distance. There are no pricey replacements needed since the battery can be charged using USB port.

This lighting device from Streamlight is a first-rate product specifically for those who are into various outdoor adventures such as comparative specialties and watercrafts. And, since it is built to be durable enough, there is no need to worry about it being damaged even if it gets accidentally dropped. In line with this, it also comes with a magnet base that is meant for smooth sailing placement anywhere you prefer in your vehicle or boat. The device can be used best in pitch dusky nights for more outstanding viewing around your boat or vehicle. If you’re going to inspect closely, you will see that the LEDs are quite radiant and the entire lighting device comes with heavy duty quality feel to it. This remote control work light spot comes with more flood than spot yet it is surprising that it could still remain focused. Additionally, the LED comes with a sturdy plastic cover that seems to be made of polycarbonate and makes the device more durable and solid. It matters to know that this provides the much required protection to the vertical axis movement from the weather. On the other hand, the horizontal movement is rain-protected by the heavy duty casing. Howbeit, a couple of the minor gripes that are to be expected once you bought this lighting device are the not-long-enough cord and the fact that it comes with halogen bulb and not LED.

Gets top remarks for its constant light output and fast charging time. Narrow spotlight beam fails to light up entire surrounding area. Unlike most spotlights, this one remains very bright even on the lowest settings. The best value in terms of its reliability and intense lights that effortlessly brighten up expansive outdoor settings. No battery means it’s less portable than more expensive spotlights. A must-have for anyone seeking prolonged battery life and ultra-powerful LED lights. The first time that a user logs onto the operating system, Spotlight builds indexes of metadata about the files on the computer’s hard disks. It also builds indexes of files on devices such as external hard drives that are connected to the system. This initial indexing may take some time, but after this the indexes are updated continuously in the background as files are created or modified.

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Jack Dunn and Peter Conley, who Robby met at the Catholic gala, are there, defending the school. But the schools president says that if he was on board at the time, he would have done something. He admits that they must have known since they sent Father Talbot out of town after he was caught. Robby is told by Jack that the presidents statement is off the record. Outside, Robby points out to Jack that both of them were athletes while Father Talbot was a coach at the school. Robby notes that the Boston Globe is directly across the street from where these crimes took place.

He tells Mike that it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to abuse one. Sacha realizes MacLeish has settled cases with a bunch of priests. They now have a list of four priests in the city who have molested kids. Mike gets in contact with Sipe, the former priest, on the phone. He is told it’s not just a few bad apples molesting kids but that it is a psychiatric phenomenon. Mike explains to Robby later what he was told — they all target kids from low income families with absentee fathers, in need of attention. They don’t target boys because they’re gay but because their actual sexuality has no basis on molesting kids; it’s a form of power control. Sipe has learned of dozens of molesting priests over the years but when he went public, the church smeared him. Mike and Robby make their way to the basement where Matt has pulled the annual directories listing all the priests in Boston.

The Casado García-Sampedro Piano Roll Collection is a group of 54 standard piano rolls from Spain. It is representative of a private roll collection that might be found in the home of a Spanish family in the 1920s and 1930s containing Spanish, Latin American, and other popular music of the time. And yet, many of the most precious Japanese maps were never used by travelers. This collection of prints represents materials collected by travelers or produced for travelers. It spans a period of time in which there was dramatic change in modes of travel, printing, and viewing geographic space. By reducing the complexity of navigating query plans with automated plan analysis and AI driven SQL tuning, you can save significant time and money. Enterprise monitoring can be expensive, complex, not retain enough history and take too much time to deploy and maintain. @alexguirre I’ve made as-350 model spotlight compatible, all working fine but “turret_1base”, which is supposed to rotate left and right only, rotates up and down as well. Specifies a multiplier for the light contribution to volumetric effects in atmosphere and OpenVDB volumes. Specifies a multiplier for the light contribution to hair shading.

a brilliant narrowly focused light, as on an automobile, used for spotting objects. an intense light focused so as to pick out an object, person, or group, as on a stage. An artificial source of light with a strongly focused beam, as on an automobile. A strong beam of light that illuminates only a small area, used especially to center attention on a stage performer. Law enforcement doesn’t have enough time to navigate the online commercial sex market to find children and identify their traffickers. Spotlight takes this massive amount of data and turns it into an asset for law enforcement. The objective of Spotlight is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of domestic sex trafficking investigations and increase the number of children who are identified and connected with help resources. Reports from our users show that, with the help of Spotlight, law enforcement is identifying 9 kids per day on average and those who use Spotlight daily see over 60% in time savings. This combination of streamlining workflows and increasing successful victim identification is what has propelled Spotlight to continue to grow its user base. Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions.

As you can see above, they have a video for their sales team, and if you click on the arrows, you can also hear from their engineering team about a unique retreat the team takes. Hudson River Trading’s careers page, a large section is designated for employee spotlights that focus on the day-to-day life of employees in different roles. Most of them are in a developer role, which makes sense, because developers are some of the hardest roles to hire for. For roles that are difficult to hire for or open roles that are priority, it’s time well spent creating employee spotlights to bring in more candidates. took their spotlight a step further by conducting a mini interview that can be found on their careers page. Shorter employee spotlights are great because you can include several different employee perspectives on one page, providing candidates with a wider breadth of knowledge about your team. When the clutch engaged, the electric timer, one direct floodlight, and two indirect spotlights were turned on automatically. “Brilliantly acted and flawlessly directed” Spotlight is a powerful and riveting drama the critics are calling “the All the President’s Men of our time” .

They can also use this app to manage teams of users by editing team privileges, adding or removing users from a team, or assigning users to roles within a team. Recording data up to 10 times per second, ZeroLight’s configurator solutions collect and store billions of anonymous customer-interaction data points in a secure data lake. Each pack template is designed and approved centrally by the brand’s head office. Regional or agency teams can then create batches within that pack with the freedom to change only the car. This enables them to create personalised content on demand without any compromise on consistency or compliancy with brand guidelines. Bespoke GALLERY enables agencies and marketing teams to create batches of images and picture packs to showcase a customer’s configured car. Users can create a predefined set of picture packs containing as many images as they need. These can be used for advertising campaigns, customer mail outs, website content, or even to inspect the design of a car. Bespoke AR allows agencies and marketing teams to create a digital twin model of a car.